For everybody who doesn’t know us yet:

Tattoo Ink Explosion - a tattoo show with it’s very own concept

We (Andy & Tommy) started the Tattoo Ink Explosion when there where already enough tattoo conventions. But, from the sight of the tattoo artists (which we are), we where not “satisfied” with them.  We dreamed about a whole other type of tattoo convention. A convention, where we would’ve loved to join as tattoo artists, because everything would be offered, what would make work and exhausting time, before and after the show easier. So we started brainstorming and the Tattoo Ink Explosion was born.

Let’s get to the (maybe sometimes small, but) nice differences:

We wanted a location with flair, not a quadrangular convention hall.
And this is what we found: the historical Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle in Mönchengladbach. We where flabbergasted. There are so many beautiful details, in the end the whole building is impressive.

Location, we wanted to have a hotel next door, so that the artist had a short walk to the convention. Yes, you are guessing it already right? We also found that. The Dorint Parkhotel is directly next to the event hall.
As we couldn't get more enthusiastic, the Dorint hotel allowed us to throw our legendary after show party’s. So, if you are done partying, you just hop on the elevator and fall into bed. Is there anything better (If you want to party)?

With these 2 good arguments, we continued our mission: we wanted to have an extraordinary line-up of artists from all around the world, just the best and everybody should get a personal invitation. We didn’t want to have registration forms on our homepage where everybody just could download it. That was for sure! And yes, we managed this as well. We also got artists enthusiastic who are fundamentally opposed to participate in conventions (see further up, you are guessing it already right?).

Ok, not just that, we try to make it for our artists as easy and comfortable as we can. We have, for example, a team at the event who helps to unload your vehicle and brings your cases to the booth. A artist-catering, a big problem at lots of conventions. This, we also improved. A room, separated from all the ativity, where you can get some rest, or where you can chat with you colleagues and where we offer you good food and something to drink. The entertainment program should be for all ages, but also versatile and not every year the same. This is where our idea came up that the event should have every year a different motto. Of course, the theme choices are influenced by our own lifestyle. We love the 50s, Rock’n Roll, Hot Rods and so on. 2018 we called out for a new motto again: “Murder Ink”. To look back at the roaring 20s, New York and at that time well-known crime group, the Murder Inc..
So be curious for what is coming. 

To be short, every year again, we work hard to be able to offer artists and visitors a handcrafted, with love planned and well considered convention, where everything is right. A result, what we largely achieved so far, as we believe.

We also believe, that the little things at the end make the big difference to other events. 
Come by and have a look. 

Your TIE-Team