We are very proud to tell you that Dr. Mark Benecke will join our convention!

He will give a seminar, matching with our theme, "Mafia Noir" on Sunday 11.03.2018. We will offer a limited number of combo-tickets in pre-sale.

If you want a ticket for Dr. Mark Benecke, please contact Andy’s Body Electric Tattoo Studio through e-mail: info@andysbodyelectric.de

Note: The seminar is just in German and there are only 150 tickets available.

Please keep in mind: during the seminar it's not allowed to film, photograph and he will give no autographs!

But no worries, all of this is possible to do later. After de seminar you will find Mark and his wife at the info point of the Tattoo Ink Explosion. There you also have the possibility to get your tattoograph. Every cent for this goes to peta2.

Here are all the dates and infos for 11.03.2018:

12am – 1pm Dorint Parkhotel Mönchengladbach, Hohenzollernstraße 5, 4th floor, seminar "Kriminalfälle und die frühe Mafia", entrance only with combo-ticket, auditorium open from 11.30am.

2:30pm – approx. 5pm, Tattoo Ink Explosion,  Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle, Hohenzollernstraße 15, 41061 Mönchengladbach, autograph-tattoos for peta2 at the info point from and with Ines & Mark Benecke.

Please note: the seminar is only in German.