What is a tattoo-convention?

A convention is an event where people with the same interests gather together. Like you already read, when it comes to a tattoo-convention it’s all about tattoos.
At a tattoo-convention you can find several tattoo artists, who expose their work and are also tattooing. Besides that there are also different traders which sell books, clothes, jewelry. Both, artists and dealers, you can find in our artist and dealer list.
Food and drinks are also offered.
You, tattoo lovers, belong here too. You don’t need to have a tattoo yourself, it’s already enough if you just like them.

Which artists and dealers/traders are at the convention?

At our website you can find the lists of artists and dealers/traders. We keep this list up-to-date. We refresh the list as soon as we get new registration forms back from artists/dealers. We don’t put people on the list, just through verbal communication. We want to avoid having people on the list which are not able to come after all. That would be not professional and fair against the visitors (you). Because of this, please be patient. ;)

Please keep yourself updated by our website. These days, you can’t count only on Facebook anymore, even if you’ve liked the page.

All the news and changes we publish on our website and on FB, but like we said, those, who keeps themselves updated, will not miss anything.

How can I be assured to get an appointment with a tattoo artist at the convention?

Especially at our convention you can find the Crème de la Crème of the international tattoo scene. Some of them are fully booked for years and/or are from far away. Some of them created their very own style or are great realistic-artists. It doesn’t matter what kind of tattoo you want, we can assure you, you will find the right person on our convention (see the list here).
And then…?
Please contact the artist, which you are interested in, as soon as possible. On the artist list you find al the information you need to contact the right person.

Our artists are independent, so we are unfortunately not able to help making appointments for you.

Some of our tattooers make appointments and some are just doing walk-ups. Please discuss this on time with your favorite tattooer. It’s also important to inform him/her about your tattoo wish, the size, where you want it and so on…, this all is really important info for “your” tattoo artist.

I have my tattoo design in mind and want to see during the event if I can find the artist who fits me. What do I have to pay attention to?

Please make sure, you’ve printed your tattoo design and bring it on paper with you. It’s hardly not possible to print a design from your mobile phone during the event. This is the reason why it’s important to do this before. The size of the design, the artist can change for you during the convention. That’s not a problem at all.

I have an appointment with a tattoo artist. Do I still have to pay the entrance fee?

Yes, because entrance is entrance. We can’t control the customers and appointments of the artists. The effort of personel and logistics would be way too high and not practicable. As mentioned before, our artists are self employed. With our convention we took care for appointments to be possible at all, the rest is up to the artists and their clients.

Can we bring our children?

Of course. Children, younger than 12 years have free entrance.
We just have a small question for you:
At our convention it could be crowded, that means that the corridors might be full of people. A ride with the stroller could be very complex. That doesn’t mean that you are not welcome with the buggy. We just want to prepare you. :)
Besides that, we offer a family friendly program, which fits with every age. What we can’t tell, is how your children will react on freshly/bleeding tattoos. This question you should ask yourself. ;)

Where can I park my car?

We are sorry to tell you, but because of the age of our beloved Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle (think about the time when they just had horse carriages) there are no parking lots available directly next to the event. Therefore we ask you to start early looking for an available parking spot. We advise you to take the bus or train. But no worries, the last few years it always worked out with getting the car parked somewhere.
Otherwise the Central Station is in walking distance or you can get here by taxi for low budget.