General information


The 9th edition of the Tattoo Ink Explosion will take place, here, as usual. You will find there also more information about opening times and ticket fees.
We can’t offer you parking lots which belong to the location, but there are lots of parking possibilities nearby. 

You can expect the best of the best, here you find the artist list.
We keep the list up-to-date. Please visit our website or stay connected through our social media networks. (You can find the links below on our website.) 

Of course, our convention offers a
entertainment program. You definitely shouldn’t miss out on the tattoo-contests.

The catering is not in our responsibility, the Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle itself will provide you with food and drinks..

As the absolute highlight of our convention, we are happy to announce that Dr. Mark Benecke will join the Tattoo Ink Explosion in 2018. What, when and how, we tell you later 😉.

For the tattoo artists we have something old/new: this time we will offer seminars for you again. We were able to fix top-speakers. Check it out here!

Have you never been to a tattoo-convention before? Check this link. We set up a list with frequently asked questions and answered them for you. Is yours still missing? Please, send us an e-mail to:

A small, but very important detail: our convention has every year another theme. In 2018, the slogan is “Murder Ink”, totally in 20s style of the mafia and prohibition. For sure, you will meet one of the figures from that time. Don’t panic, some of the Frightguys are already dead for a while. 😉
You are totally welcome to dress up in style - cause dressing up is fun!

By the way, the “Bärte im Bademantel” are doing this as well - and yes, in 2018 they will return to their “birthplace”, to make together with you fun and selfies.

So, now we arrived for some general “game rules”:

It’s prohibited to smoke inside the Kaiser-Friedrich-Halle. In front, behind, on the roof/balconies you will find ashtrays for the smokers. Please use them!

We are sorry, but dogs and other animals are not allowed to bring. The hygiene rules for tattooing are very strict.

Tattoo appointments, we are not able to help you with those. Our tattoo artists are independent. We are just organizing the event.

Babys and young kids, of course they are allowed to come with you. Until 12 years they have free entrance.
We just have a small question for you:
At our convention it could be crowded, that means that the corridors might be full of people. A ride with the stroller could be very complex. That doesn’t mean that you are not welcome with the buggy. We just want to prepare you. :)
Besides that, we offer a family friendly program, which fits with every age. What we can’t tell, is how your children will react on freshly/bleeding tattoos. This question you should ask yourself. ;)

Harmful objects, with that we mean knifes, glass bottles and so on… Please, leave those at home. We have security at the entrance and we would be forced to take them away from you, and we definitely don’t want that for you!

You are allowed to make photos/videos. As long as you don’t cross the line with personal rights. A random shot from the ambiance is not a problem, but if you want to make a portrait of somebody specific, please ask before taking a picture. All media you make is for non commercial use.

Are you a journalist and you want to write about us? We would definitely like that. Please send us before the event a request to Than it’s possible to meet up and we will find time to answer your questions. Of course you can also come by spontaneously during the event (with your press card). But it could happen that we don’t have the time then. And we wouldn't want that.

So, this was it for now.

We are looking forward seeing you!

Your TIE-Team