Stern Freihandveredelung

The TIE wouldn't be the TIE if we wouldn’t find new ideas every year. All year long, we are looking for great artists, which we can welcome to our family.

That’s how we discovered Sterni.

He is a real master when it comes to paint brushes, has a creative mind, awesome in handcraft. So in short: a big deal in his sector. For him it doesn’t matter if it’s pinstriping on old cars/motorbikes or portraits on clay tiles. He just pimps everything like no one else. This years trophies for the TIE 9 are also done by him, his creativity has no limits.

See for yourself at the booth of Stern - Freihand Veredelung.

As a highlight for the little ones, our friend Sterni offered, to pimp the kids of our visitors. On Sunday from 1-6pm he does kids tattoos for the first time. OF COURSE WITHOUT ANY NEEDLES and nothing which isn’t removable with water. So come by his booth.

Besides that, his wife Sandra is also joining who will bring also a creative collection of 50s accessories.