Here comes our workshop offer. All workshops take place in the opposite Dorint Hotel on the 4th floor. Detailed information about the workshops can be found below. The workshops will take place in the language of the description.
If you are interested, please send us an email to info@tattooinkexplosion.com

Thursday, 08.03.2018
12.00 Uhr, Jesper Bram, duration ca. 3 hours, Price 150 Euro p.P.
15.30 Uhr, Joe Capobianco, duration ca. 3 hours, Price 200 Euro p.P.

Friday, 09.03.2018
9.00 Uhr, Urban Slamal, duration ca. 3 hours, Price 155 Euro p.P.
12.00 Uhr, Ralf Nonnweiler, duration 5-6 hours, Price 250 Euro p.P.

Sunday, 11.03.2018
12.00 Uhr, Andy Engel, duration 3-4 hours, Price 250 Euro p.P.


Jesper Bram:
Get Started on iPad Pro - Even if You Hate Computers.

For Ambitious Tattoo Artists that want to move to a digital workflow, so they can save time and boost creativity, without dealing with computers and complicated software.

The iPad pro is a game changer for the tattoo industry.

Working as a tattooer means we usually only get pay for the time we spend working on the customer. So anything we can do to shorten the preparation time. actually makes us more money. The iPad pro gives us previously unheard of capabilities to create awesome work. We can try more design variations that would otherwise be impossible in the time we have available.

Apart from pre-made tattoo needles. the iPad Pro is the most time saving device we have seen in our industry until now.

In this short introduction course. Jesper show you how to quickly get started drawing your own designs and transfer your daily workflow to digital, without all the hassle involved by using computers.

Course bonuses (Tattoo Ink Explosion participants get all of these extras for FREE):

•    Jesper’s everyday goto Procreate Tattoo Brush Set
•    Shortcut Cheat Sheet to hang above your drawing station. So you don’t forget the essential tips and tricks.
•    Free online access to video course lessons, so you can revisit the training on your own time in the comfort of your home or shop.

About the tutor:
Jesper Bram, Tattoo Artist from Copenhagen, Denmark, have a background in illustration and graphic design. He have worked digitally for many years. Working digitally gives you huge benefits that beats working with pen and paper on a light pad. But it used to be an expensive, complicated, and very geeky process. The iPad Pro changed all that. That’s why so many artists all around the world is raving about it.

After you sign up and before the course. Jesper will send you a Get Started List with the basics you need. Which iPad, tools, apps + a few extra bits and bobs that makes life easy carrying around your iPad everyday.


Joe Capobianco

This coming year, Tattoo Ink Explosion will be hosting yours truly, for a one day tattoo seminar. The workshop will entail;
1. Drawing, and creating your own style. How to stand out in a crowd.
2. Things I did to make a name for myself in our trade, and sticking to what makes you an individual.

3. Technical aspects.needles, inks, machines,  etc. proof that it's not the machines and inks that make the artist, but rather the other way around!
4. Also I’ll be showing how my work load has been changed by the introduction of the iPad Pro, and some of the apps I use to draw and bring ideas to the skin.

So join me in what should be a great day of art, laughs, and shit talkin. Don't miss it.
Check out See and ya's soon!



Urban Slamal:
Praxisprobleme bei der Rechtsberatung von Tattoostudios

Thematisiert werden:

Vertragsgrundlagen und AGB

Bedeutung und Reichweite der Einwilligung


Rechtlicher Umgang mit Mitarbeitern & Gasttätowierern

Foto: Katharina Ulz (a.k.a. UK Photography)


Ralf Nonnweiler:
Ralf bringt Euch in diesem Seminar näher, wie er zum Tätowieren gekommen ist und was es für ihn bedeutet zu tätowieren. Er gibt einen Einblick, warum er nur Black and Grey Tattoos macht, wie man die richtige Referenz findet und bearbeitet. Die Auswahl der Nadeln, Maschinen und Farbabstufungen wird ein weiterer Punkt sein. Außerdem erzählt er, wie er sich im Berufsalltag, trotz aller Routine, noch immer Ziele setzt und versucht besser zu werden. Es wird eine kleine Diskussionsrunde geben, bei der er Euch zu all Euren Fragen Rede und Antwort stehen wird. Außerdem gibt es LIVE Tattoo.


Andy Engel:
* Black&Grey Portrait
* Fell- und sonstige Strukturen
* Wie übt man Portraits
* Vorlage bearbeiten ( Photoshop )
* Platzierung des Portraits
* Stencil zeichnen
* Auftragen des Stencil (so dass er auch hält)
* Arbeitsplatz vorbereiten
* Maschinen – die Unterschiede bzw. die verschiedenen Effekte
* Nadeln – die Unterschiede bzw. die unterschiedlichen Effekte
* Farben – die Unterschiede bzw. die unterschiedlichen Effekte
* Verdünnen der Farben mit unterschiedlichen Mitteln
* Tätowieren – verschiedene Techniken / wie macht man Struktur/ kleine Tipps und Tricks
* Nachbehandlungshinweise
* Fragen der Teilnehmer